Workpackages (WP)

 WP.1 Management:

D1.1. Development of communication infrastructure

D1.2. Continual management and reporting

WP.2 Upgrading of BSc, MSc, PhD degree programmes:

D2.1. The framework report for the common curricular

D2.2. Report on common grounds for teaching and learning

D2.3. Module specifications and teaching materials

WP.3 Development and Exploitation of the Virtual Interuniversity Networked Educational Centre:

D3.1. Development of e-interuniversity networked system

D3.2. Development of the virtual research environment

D3.3. Training, lecturing and guest visits

D3.4. Training of students

WP.4 Monitoring and Reporting of Results:

D4.1. Report on internal CENEAST monitoring results

D4.2. Report on external CENEAST monitoring results

D4.3. Analyses and recommendations

WP.5 Dissemination:

D5.1. Dissemination through branch organizations

D5.2. Dissemination through international conferences

D5.3. Dissemination through websites

D5.4. Printed dissemination material